This is Somewhere

Caleb and Ace

My husband has a remarkable love for pugs. Especially Ace the bat hound.

Summer Home

Miss Smarty Pants

This post is a couple months overdue…BUT, better late than never. My beautiful, smart, wonderful, kind, caring, awesomely awesome, etc., etc. sister Sarah graduated (at the top of her class…ahem, overachiever, ahem) recently from nursing school. I am SO VERY PROUD of her and all that she’s accomplished in school and in life. Way to go sis!! In this photo her boyfriend Jarrett (who is also awesome) is adjusting her tassel just after the graduation ceremony.

Hugs for the Teacher

My Mom is undoubtedly the best teacher I’ve had. I had the opportunity to attend an end-of-year banquet for her graduating sixth grade class recently and it was great to see how much her students appreciated her. I love you Mom!


Mario Lost his Mustache


C2E2 Time Lapse from Anna Faltermeier on Vimeo.

I had some fun this weekend making a walking time lapse at C2E2, a comic convention in Chicago. I opted to hand-hold for a choppier look—it’s definitely choppy, but fun, I think. The music is by Ad Astra Per Aspera (go Kansas!).

Here and There

Went to Chicago for the weekend. Just a couple shots from O’Hare. Shooting relieves my plane anxiety : )

Chi-town on the Go

I’m in Chicago this week for C2E2 and had a bit of time to roam around and take some snapshots this afternoon. Best quote of the day (dude who approached me while waiting for the train): “Man, too bad people aren’t like birds. Birds don’t mind having their pictures taken.” This is so true.

Peanut and Grandpa

Peanut, one of my grandparents’ two puppies, hangs out near my Grandpa in their living room in Olathe, Kansas.

Couch Park at Night

My favorite thing about our new place is the view of Couch Park. I messed around with some long exposure shots tonight after waking up from an unexpected (but wonderful) three-hour nap.

20 Something and Everett

Burnside and 5th

Along the Way

Just a little look at the diverse terrain we covered on our drive from Lawrence, Kansas to Portland, Oregon.

What I miss most about Kansas

I haven’t updated in a very long while because I recently got married and moved to Portland, OR from Lawrence, KS (a long, but beautiful drive—blog post to come soon). I’ve noticed that this blog has taken a turn to covering my personal life lately. I’m thinking it’s because  1) I was recently laid off (along with about half the newspaper staff I worked with) from my job as a photojournalist (sad times for newspapers!!) 2) I just got married and moved across the country and 3) I simply want to record these memories and the changes in my life so that I can look back on them.

My husband and I were super pumped to move to a new city, especially one as incredibly awesome as Portland, but I knew that it would be a difficult move for me because I’m so close to my wonderful mom and four sisters who live in the Kansas City area. Fortunately we were able to take a family vacation shortly before I moved, so I got to spend a lot of time with my sisters and Mom. This is a photo from our family trip to Marco Island a couple of weeks ago. It was relaxing and wonderful and the best part was that I got to spend it with my sisters and mom.

From left: Sarah: the middle child soon to graduate from nursing school and begin a career at KU Med. Kayce: Junior in High School. The little socialista and full time goofball. Tessa: the baby of the family, a Freshman in Junior High. A dancer and a future tree hugger…I can tell : ) Molly: the oldest in the fam. Always reading a book and is currently pregnant with my first nephew!!! Me: second oldest. I take photos and stuff. Ma!: A super awesome 6th grade teacher. Sporting the short hair-do after a recent bout with breast cancer which she is recovering well from!

My apologies for the sentimental post ; ) This is what has been on my mind lately!

Fantastic Fowl

Comic Faces

Here are a few faces of attendees at KC’s Planet Comicon last Saturday.

Yeah, I got married

Caleb and I shortly after saying our vows in front of our families at Danforth Chapel in Lawrence, KS. Photo credit to the groom’s mom  :  )

Just a Memory

The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS.

So many memories.

Bathing Chickens

This was one of my favorite assignments to shoot. The story was about these two young ladies from Smithville, MO attending their first 4H fair. This part of the story focused on the girls bathing their chickens to get them ready for the fair. I just liked the atmosphere and the whole idea of bathing chickens.

Two Sisters

Kathryn, left, and Tessa, right, are my two youngest sisters. They are goofballs.

From the archives: hay dude

So I’ve been cleaning off an old hard drive…my apologies for all of the old photos. This is from a cross country meet I shot in Platte City last fall. The weather was beautiful and I remember that it was a very relaxing day. This is a crazy busy week so this image vibes well with me right now.

From the archives: smoky night

iphone series III: Charlotte Snaps

Flight cancellations found me in Charlotte, NC for a short while. Sadly, my camera battery charger was in Kansas so I headed downtown with my iphone instead to goof around. The weather was beautiful and there were a lot of people out. I think Charlotte is pretty neat.